Blue Sky Connect is a program that connects students in regional and remote schools across the Northern Territory with meaningful, challenging work experience placements in leading organisations. 



In the Northern Territory, only 50% of young people graduate from high school. Youth unemployment in the Territory is at 8 per cent, which is 2 per cent higher than the national average.

Students in regional and remote schools face additional hurdles to gaining exposure to professional networks and career options. Passionate, intelligent and motivated students fall through the gaps by virtue of nothing more than their postcode and the school they attend.

As teachers working in the Territory, we saw this happening to our students every day and we decided to do something about it. Thus Blue Sky Connect was born.



We have an opportunity to help students complete work experience placements that can inspire and motivate them to access future careers they previously felt were out of their reach.

Blue Sky Connect is a program that facilitates aspirational students from suburban, regional and remote schools across the Northern Territory to complete work experience with leading professional workplaces.

Through our connections in schools across the Territory and our professional networks, we work with careers advisers, teachers and workplaces to help match up students with a workplace that suits their specific interests and aspirations.

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